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Governor Dapo Abiodun and his conferment of Ambassadorial award on Laycon: A good development for the state or a fierce damage on the machinery of the state?
The proponent of the frivolous “blessings” and ambassadorial award receive by Olamilekan Agbelesebioba popularly known as Laycon from Prince Dapo Abiodun-the governor of Ogun state may not be wrong but they are also not right.

In looking into this development which has generated a lot of controversies and still so, I am of the opinion that issues like this must be objectively look into without any form of prejudice or sentiment while asking critical questions.

Gov. Dapo Abiodun

First and foremost, we need to understand that the Governor of the state is not a Governor to himself but to the people who entrusted him with their political mandate through a social contract which clearly bestow on him a responsibility to only reflect the people’s interest through his actions and decisions.

The first question we must answer is; Does the decision of the governor reflect the general interest of the people of Ogun?

Another pertinent question that begs for answer, is the issue about what qualifies an individual to be nominated and confer with the title of an ambassador?

Does he (Laycon) qualifies and merit the ambassadorial nomination and award going by the requirement?Is there any requirement in the first place? What exactly qualifies an individual to be made an ambassador?

We also need to to find out whether the entitlement and benefits given to Laycon were drawn from the state coffers and tax payers money? If that’s the case and it appears Laycon did not merit the ambassadorial nomination and award according to the stipulated requirement, then the electorate and tax payers in the state are in the position to file a law suit against the Governor on the ground of mismanagement of the state resources.

If the governor had done what he did from his personal resources, then the issue should be put to rest already.


But the issue will not ultimately be put to rest if it appears the nomination and conferment of an ambassadorial position on Laycon fall short of merit and proper requirement which qualifies one for such honour.

It’s also very important for us to understand that the sensitivity of the office of the state agent of development in the person of the governor, does not give room for involvement in frivolities which clearly indicated that the government as the machinery of the state,must and should never stoop so low by mediating in the affairs of a Reality TV show that is adjudged to be an instrument for social experiment to the detriment of the state.

Going by this position, the government of Ogun state led by Prince Dapo Abiodun has clearly given room for political interest to run down the “mammoth” relevance of the machinery of the state by laying down a standard that has far reaching negative implication on the development of youths in the state and the nation at large.

The position of the machinery of the state on social issues and development must be one that promote innovative thinking, invention or ingenuity, hard work and patriotism that is needed for solving national problem on economy, education, health, and agriculture to mention but a few and remain so in a bid to encourage the spirit of productivity and sustaining the same in the mind of our teeming population.

Gov. Abiodun and Laycon

The machinery of the state must at all times distant itself from frivolities and undue interference in Reality TV shows that has little or no contribution in preferring solutions to national issues and challenges.

Prince Dapo Abiodun must understand that political interest must never interfere with the principles and spirit of the “distinguished and respected” agency of development-the machinery of the state.

If the governor had done what he did on the basis of scoring political point or appealing to the sentiment of the youth in the state for a second term agenda, then he need to understand that the same method for scoring political point which he had allegedly adopted might be use against him in the near future if his administration is adjudge to be lacking in integrity and commitment in responding to critical issues of development in the state which has far reaching implication on the qualitative and quantitative development of both the state and the people of the state.

Gov. Abiodun presenting the awrad to Laycon

If governor thought it wise that the conferment of ambassadorial position on the winner of a Reality Tv show with juicy benefit is in the interest of the state, the people of the state, and for the development of the state, In the same vein, he must of necessity ensure that salaries of workers in the state is paid as at when due without any delay, pensioners in the state must get all their entitlement without any delay, teachers must not go on strike for reasons of unpaid salaries or backlog in payment, Doctors must not go on strike on the basis of delay in their salaries or denial of any benefit that accrues to them and bursary must be paid to every student in public institution of learning across the country who are indigenes of the state.

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