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Former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri, caused a stir on Twitter when he Tweeted about the Igbos being the richest people per capita in Africa even after being destroyed during the Biafran war, then given only £20 after the war by the Nigerian Government, Reno also advised anyone who intend to get rich to study the Igbo people.

Reno Omokri tweeted: “Study the Igbo people of Nigeria if you want to be wealthy. They were destroyed by Nigeria’s Civil War, with EVERY Igbo family reduced to £20. Now, they are the richest people per capita in Africa. How did they do it? Entrepreneurship. Igbo Amaka!

“I said study the Igbo if you want to be wealthy. Someone said ‘study illiterates?’ Many are illiterate in education, yet, literate in money. You mock them. Go to their businesses, they have your educational superiors working for them. Igbo Amaka!”

The Tweet has garnered some reactions from Nigerians on the social media platform of Twitter.

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